KFC/TACO Bell Staff Recognition Shop


Restaurant Brands Australia approached Spark Up to ask if we could help them develop a digital portal for all their stores to order their Staff Recognition merchandise from.  The issue for them was keeping track of each stores monthly credit balances and what they have spent on merchandise so they could reconcile against their monthly accounts.  All orders were placed manually with a 3rd party fulfilment provider and the whole process was time consuming and stressful to keep track of.

They also had many suppliers of merchandise and had to keep track of inventory levels, order new merchandise from various suppliers and ensure quality was also maintained…not to mention coming up with ideas for new innovative merchandise to incentivise their staff!


Spark up 2GO is our digital inventory platform and we were able to customise the RBAU portal so it would recognise each store as they logged in, display their credit balances and once they have ordered their merchandise display their balances.  The portal would allow for the RBAU administration staff to load their monthly balances in bulk to the admin portal and provide a report on what the stores had spent for each month.

We also supplied all the merchandise for the KFC and Taco Bell program, creating unique, fun, on brand merch ideas, producing  and then delivering these to the stores when they ordered, keeping track of inventory levels as we go.

The program has been a huge success so far.  We almost sold out of stock in the first few weeks with each store commenting on how easy it was to place their orders.
RBAU has had overwhelming feedback from all their store coaches that the new portal is easy to use and the merch had been well received.