Why work with us? Good question. Here are a few key reasons to put us on speed-dial.

Reason 1: We're connected.

Namely, to suppliers. And we'll make sure you work with the right ones

In this day and age, it’s important that you’re working with accredited factories and suppliers. At Spark Up, we’re dedicated to ethical sourcing and eliminating modern slavery practices in any form in our supply chains. Here’s what that looks like.

  • We’re members of Sedex and Amfori – two platforms which conduct SMETA and BSCI ethical trade audits to give us visibility on labour standards, health and safety, the environment and business ethics.
  • Product quality testing is a big part of what we do. We have items tested for Australian standards, for toxicity or for other quality / safety tests via Intertek and SGS.
  • When producing merch we conduct our own independent quality control audit to ensure the items are produced to the standard that we’ve tested.
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Reason 2: We know merch.

And better yet, we know why it's important for our clients

We’re all bombarded by daily advertising – so getting your message across to your audience can be tricky.  How to cut through the noise? Branded merch is one of the best marketing tools available to you – and here’s why:

  • It has an incredible life cycle over other forms of advertising If it’s well designed and useful, your customers may keep branded merch for up to a year
  • It can be a far more cost-effective form of marketing and if your merch is beautiful, wearable or useable, your customers become walking advertisements for your brand
  • Free branded swag can generate new leads and sales and cross-branded merch is also on trend right now (talk to us if you’re looking to collaborate with another brand).

Reason 3: We're global.

Our reliable connections ensure no-hassle cross-border campaigns

Spark Up has offices in Sydney and Shenzhen, so we’re well-equipped to operate campaigns throughout China – especially helpful for the emerging China market of Australian brands. We also have a warehouse in NZ, which makes it easy for us to work on ANZ campaigns requiring supply, storage and distribution throughout New Zealand. 

  • We have an extensive range of suppliers from around the globe who we travel to meet with often to maintain strong business relationships. We also attend regular trade fairs 
  • We have enormous capacity for cross border campaigns, with managed freight solutions and logistics, fulfilment and storage available locally and internationally 
  • Got an international campaign? We’ll bump in and out and handle your conference material (Aus, NZ and China).
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