We're an earth-lovin' team...

...and we walk the talk with sustainable products and more

Social responsibility is something close to our hearts at Spark Up HQ. We research the products we source to find out how they were made, and collaborate with suppliers who are equally committed to sustainable practices. We’re actively working on reducing single-use plastic with all our merch – asking our factories and suppliers to remove this type of packaging. 

It’s a good business decision, too, when you consider that a whopping 90 percent of consumers are into buying sustainable products – and they want brands to be more transparent about where they sit in the eco-friendly space. 

Similarly, 46 percent of consumers look more favourably on a brand if promo products are eco-friendly. Here’s our top 10 sustainable merch products –  and find more in our catalogue.

We choose eco-friendly packaging that does the job

And protects your merch so it arrives in tip-top shape

It’s all too easy to reach for the plastic bubble-wrap, right? And it takes commitment to move away from packaging that’s NOT eco-friendly – but at Spark Up HQ, that’s what we’re doing.

Our team works hard to reduce its carbon footprint – which means all our gift boxes are made from recycled cartons and we use honeycomb paper kraft wrap instead of bubble wrap.

It feels nice, looks good and it protects your promotional merch just as effectively as other, less eco-friendly packaging.

Sustainable GECA satchels

Mailers CAN be sustainable!

And it gives you warm fuzzies when you're sending 1000+ packages

That means, if you hire us to put together a promo campaign for you, your deliveries will all be sent using GECA satchels

This best-in-class mailer is the only one of its type in Australia, and the only GECA 100 percent post-consumer waste (PCW) plastic mailer satchel in the world. 

It’s certified and approved by RedCycle and currently used by a huge range of well-known brands including Kathmandu, Quiksilver, JB Hi-Fi and The Iconic. And while GECA satchels are already made of recycled material, you can actually recycle it AGAIN through the RedCycle soft plastics recycling scheme found at every Coles and Woolworths. How about that?

What about Spark Up HQ?

We're doing our bit there as well

We’ve banned disposable coffee cups from the office and have LED lighting throughout the office and our warehouses. We’ve also consolidated our bin system and have appointed a sustainability officer (hi, Olivia!) who’s responsible for looking at ways we can improve and further reduce our waste. 

We predominantly use Star Track / Australia Post for our deliveries due to their commitment to carbon neutral parcel delivery and a continued investment in carbon offset projects such as the Qantas B2B Future Planet Program.

Plus, to counter the carbon emissions of the parcels we send, Star Track invest in projects that have a positive impact – locally and globally. These include bush regeneration programs, Fighting Fire with Fire, Winds of Change (wind farms) and rainforest rescue initiatives.

Nicaly and Carita in the Spark Up main ofice