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4 super-effective marketing and merch trends in 2023

It’s no secret the marketing and merch landscape has changed in recent years – but here are the top marketing and merch trends in 2023 that you need to get on board with. Trend #1: Tactile, valuable merch Conferences and events are back in full swing after a few years hiatus – and we all know what that means. A goody bag of branded goods that’ll probably (gulp) just end up in the bin after the live event, right? That’s why 2023 merch trends are leaning more towards conference swag that is: sustainable beautiful discreetly branded ethically sourced … and most importantly – useful for the long term. If it doesn’t tick all those boxes, you shouldn’t even go there. Why? Well, we know that sustainability is front and centre for millennials and Gen Z (and cheap, disposable merch or fast fashion is about as far from eco-friendly as you

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10 sustainable promotional products we love for 2022

Once upon a time, sustainability was the cool optional extra marketers either had a choice to include, or not. These days, thinking and acting sustainably – for any brand – is essential, and that includes choosing sustainable promotional products in any campaign you do. Just take a look at the stats: research shows that 90 percent of consumers are likely to purchase sustainable products – and they want brands to be more transparent about it too. Secondly, the Advertising Specialty Institute found 46 percent of consumers looked more favourably on a brand if the promo product they received was environmentally friendly. The great news is, there are some drop-dead gorgeous sustainable and ethical products out there – and our guide has everything you need to know. What makes a product sustainable? It’s a good question – and one that means different things to different companies! But at the heart of

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