EIB Gift Shops


The Chinese demand on Infant milk formula in Australia is enormous, with the domestic market suffering with lack of product on shelves in grocery and pharmacy. The challenge for Danone is to try direct the Daigous to a new channel – the Chinese Gift Shops to purchase their IMF.


We helped by translating our POS into Mandarin and producing instore displays which included dump bins, posters cubes and lightboxes to encourage purchase. We also work alongside Access CN coordinating breakfast seminars and conferences educating the Daigous about Aptamil. We produce targeted merchandise, campaign collateral, banners and signage and coordinate delivery to and from the venues in both Australia and New Zealand. Our digital platform Spark Up 2GO records the location of the inventory at the events and once it’s all over, it comes back to Spark Up’s warehouses where we pack and store it all away.


The Gift Shop Channel is a huge success for Danone and they continue to service these stores with Aptamil product as Daigous are directed here to purchase.