Anamix Junior is a metabolics supplement for children with Phenylketonuria (PKU), an inherited condition during which the body has problems breaking down a particular type of protein (amino acid), phenylalanine. Children with this condition need to follow a special low protein diet to avoid feeling sick. The challenge is encouraging children to follow the diet and feel happy about it, rather than excluded or different. Families of PKU children can also find it extremely difficult when first diagnosed, both in maintaining the diet and keeping the family’s spirits high. Nutricia Advanced Medical Nutrition saw an opportunity to update its packaging and formulation and created some new great flavors to assist with compliance for children.


We assisted Nutricia AMN by creating a range of informative campaign collateral to explain the package update. The information talked about the new formulation and the great new flavours now available. The Anamix 6 characters were introduced and included in the materials. We also produced some exciting merchandise for the PKU children to help them understand their condition and not feel alienated. These included a night time story book, a colouring in book, backpack and shaker cups branded with the Anamix 6 characters.


The campaign is still used for children with PKU and proving to be a great success.