Neocate is an amino acid-based formula specifically formulated for children with food allergies. Cows’ milk allergy is a common food allergy and education about Neocate and its benefits, support and evidence is important to maintain with HCPs.


Spark Up has worked with the Neocate team at Nutricia for over 5 years, developing campaign collateral for patients and HCPs. This has included HCP detail aids, patient brochures and product lid stickers as well as development of the Neocate Village support program collateral. We have designed and produced Neocate recipe cookbooks, neoprene sample packs, formula dispenser cups along with conference stand design and giveaways.


The materials we have created over the past 5 years have been well received by retailers and HCP’s and we continue to work with the Neocate Team on new projects.