Nutricia – Adult Care


Falls are the most common and costliest cause of injury in older people 65 years of age. Malnutrition is associated with loss of muscle mass and increased risk of falls and hospital admissions. Protein improves physical performance and lean body mass and prevents falls in frail older people. Nutricia’s Fortisip Compact Protein is a small compact protein supplement that offers enough protein daily to keep frail older people healthier and improve physical performance. The challenge is to educate HCPs about these key benefits of Fortisip CP and continue to offer it to their patients.


We created a range of marketing collateral including detail aids outlining clinical evidence about the benefits of protein for older patients. “The Key to Independence” was a theme used throughout the campaign collateral including referral pads and sample packs. Spark Up also produced additional collateral for the Adult Care portfolio including range cards, brand reminders, conference stands and inflatable bottles!


We continue to provide marketing collateral for the Adult care portfolio and Fortisip Compact Proteins continues to grow.