iNova / Invisible Zinc / Li Ning

The project

Our brief was to source cross-over merchandise options for an Invisible Zinc GWP for outdoor sales activities throughout China. The ultimate goal was to support iNova’s China emerging markets strategy for the brand Invisible Zinc.

The sales promotion occurred in June, 2021 and we had to strategise, organise the branded merchandise and ensure it was delivered to the locations in mainland China. The type of cross-over IPs included popular Chinese outdoor events such as the China Strawberry Music Festival, Colour Run or International Marathon.

The result

Spark Up were able to secure the brand Li Ning as a partner to cross-brand with and provide ideas. We negotiated with Li Ning and were able to brand the cooling towel and the bottle – they loved the cooling towels we produced, which were perfect for the outdoor events. We organised the campaign through our Shenzhen office and distributed them to the various destinations. The project involved agreements between iNova and Li Ning China which Spark Up facilitated. The campaign was a huge success with all stakeholders very happy with the outcome.