Ali Group merchandise and inventory management


Ali Group distribute and sell a mortgage protection product through mortgage brokers. They provide brokers with sales collateral and tools to use when they’re talking to their customers. Ali Group was sending out all its training packs, sales brochures and product disclosure statements from head office, and it was taking up a lot of resources and space. They approached us after being referred by colleague to ask if we could help with their marketing collateral management.


We implemented a custom digital inventory platform for all their sales collateral and marketing merchandise. We manage the packs inventory levels and alert their printer directly for reprints. We work with the team ensuring all kits and tools are sent out with the most up to date PDS’s and information. We also provide a range of merchandise for the Brokers and are part of their loyalty program, offering merchandise catalogue prizes. This is all managed through Spark Up 2GO.


We’ve alleviated the Ali Group team from fulfilment of their BDM and broker packs, forming a strong partnership with their customer service team. They continue to rely on us to deliver their materials on time and maintain inventory levels for all their BDM orders.