How Telstra got a 46% DM response rate.

We’re pretty impressed with the latest case studies around the effectiveness of incorporating a Connect-to-Web key into print campaigns. Currently the average response rates from Direct Mail campaigns using Connect-To-Web keys are 17% – 25%.

Telstra used the technology to drive existing customers to the website to renew their contracts and experienced a 46 percent response rate. When the project was initially briefed in, they were expecting a 3 % response rate.
Janssen recently incorporated it into an education-based, health campaign to turn an expected 2% online response rate into 18%. And the same type of webkeys were responsible for a 31 % response rate in a Credit Mutuel direct mail campaign to promote new products to existing customers.
Print materials often fall down when it comes to getting customers to take the next step from reading your pitch to visiting your website. They get busy, forget the call-to-action and the website URL. The most creative, interactive digital experience is useless if clients don’t make it online to see it.


A Connect-To-Web key attached to your brochure provides a tangible reminder of the call-to-action and plugs straight into their computer to instantly launch exactly the right web page. The online experience can be entirely personalized, or the content changed without affecting your webkey creative or your print costs. If things change in your marketing campaign, so can the destination of your webkey.
The technology also allows you to track campaign performance in real time, right down to knowing precisely who responds to your campaign and how far down the sales funnel your creative is driving them. You can track the response rates for different target groups, distribution channels or creative executions.

It also works nicely within the ethical constraints of pharmaceutical promotions, as the webkey isn’t a USB – it’s a direct link to your website only.

From our perspective, one of the best features of the webkey is the flexibility and the production costs. We can design and cut them to any shape – to reflect your logo, your product or your creative campaign.
Exact costs always depend on quantities, but generally you’re looking at less than $5 per unit. But unlike print alone and most other promotional tools, you can track the customers’ individual response rates and avoid reprinting costs if content changes.

As always, the Spark Up team would be happy to put together a quote for you.

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