What promotional products worked hardest in FY 2014?

According to British research conducted over the past year, promotional products are by far the most effective way to remind customers of your brand, maintain loyalty and prompt sales, compared with online, print and TV campaigns.

So, what works best?

Well, it depends what you want to do.
Are you looking for something that’s cheap and novel? Or is your goal reach, cut-through, information dissemination, longevity or brand building?
You have to be very focussed on one or two outcomes – try to be all things to all people and you end up doing nothing particularly well. (Which reminds me of the motto: “Good. Fast. Cheap. Choose two.”)
So in a nutshell, here are the most popular so far in 2014 – and we mean popular both with our clients and also with the end users – their customers. (Drum roll…..)

Most cost-effective for reach : Tattoos

Yep, the humble tattoo is still a brilliant way to get your brand and message into the hands (and on the arms, foreheads and butts) of your audience.
• Inexpensive to produce, store and transport so you can order in bulk.
• Adults and kids can’t resist them- partly because they’re cool but also because there’s a fun, hands-on element to applying them.
• Great for getting retail staff onboard with instore promotions – we’ve seen “sales associates” plastered top-to-toe with promotional messages and loving it!
• Costs around 7 cents per unit, depending on quantity.

Most versatile for information dissemination: USBs

We can now mould USBs to support virtually any campaign or product and the novelty factor makes them hugely successful for B2B or B2C marketing.

• Technology based promotional products are extremely popular.
• Can be preloaded with promotional material, campaigns, games etc.
• Are reusable – so your logo stays on your customers’ desk.
• Great value compared with all other custom-moulded products.
• Cost from $4 – $10 depending on shape, storage capacity and quantity.

Most popular for reach and longevity: Pens

Pens? Sounds boring, right? I mean, everyone has them.
Well, yes and there’s a reason for that. People STILL love stationery (see Smiggle and Kikki K’s phenomenal success). But the one proviso here is it must be good quality. Give your customer a dodgy pen that gets stuck down – or worse, leaks in their pockets – and it reflects poorly on your brand. We prefer to use European suppliers over China imports. The quality difference is huge, but the price could be less than 50 per unit.

• Ballpoint, highlighters, gel pens, Fountain pens, mechanical pencils etc.

Most innovative and most on trend for cut-through, longevity and brand building: Powerbanks

ANYTHING to do with mobile phones is still hot. But Powerbanks, which allow you to recharge your phone anywhere, are set to be one of the most appealing corporate gifts for Xmas 2014. Many companies and government agencies frown on employees receiving expensive corporate gifts for ethical reasons and alcohol is often deemed inappropriate. A quality, technology based item like a Powerbank still comes in well under the $20 benchmark often set.

• Allows users to “recharge” their phone on the go. Great for travelling execs.
• Has a high perceived value, low actual cost.
• Fully branded
• Long shelf life – will be used over and over, so your brand stays in view.
• Give it for Xmas and it’s still on their desk the following year (unlike booze and many other high value items.)

Most hardworking for cut-through, brand building, reach, longevity AND cost-effectiveness: Caps

Caps are still the hardest working item you’ll find when it comes to launching a brand and building awareness. A good quality, cap with carefully designed creative, means your brand will accompany your client everywhere they go: jogging on weekends, away on holidays, around the barbeque at the corporate social events. And if it’s so cool their partner or kids swipe it first – your brand will literally be in your customers’ face staring back at them all summer long!

• Eye level branding
• New printing techniques = clever creative opportunities
• High perceived value
• Great longevity
• Works on weekends too
• Cost effective – around $5 per unit can get a great cap that ticks all the boxes, (depending on quantity).

There are literally thousands of products we can show you that will achieve your goals. The true value we offer is we’ll help define your goals and find a unique and creative solution so your marketing budget works hardest.
If you want to chat about what promotional solutions could give your brand a creative edge, just give me a call or flick me an email – Nicaly.

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