Ali Group merchandise and inventory management

Challenge: Ali Group distribute and sell a mortgage protection product through mortgage brokers. They provide brokers with sales collateral and tools to use when they’re talking to their customers. Ali Group was sending out all its training packs, sales brochures and product disclosure statements from head office, and it was taking up a lot of […]

NSW Police Force

Challenge: We’ve been working with the NSW Police for over 8 years, providing a range of merchandise for various events including the Easter Show and station event days. We also work with their Customer Service Program, Eye Watch, Neighborhood Watch and Aboriginal Recruitment divisions. Solution: Positive PR can be a challenge for any law enforcement. […]


Challenge: Neocate is an amino acid-based formula specifically formulated for children with food allergies. Cows’ milk allergy is a common food allergy and education about Neocate and its benefits, support and evidence is important to maintain with HCPs. Solution: Spark Up has worked with the Neocate team at Nutricia for over 5 years, developing campaign […]

Karicare Gentle Feels Good

Challenge: Karicare Toddler ran a TVC campaign to drive awareness, saliency and consideration for purchase. Spark Up was briefed to develop an instore campaign to recall the TVC, reinforcing the 16 vitamins and minerals, goodness of NZ milk, Nutricia’s 100 years of expertise and creating a gentle engagement for the shopper to recall Karicare at […]