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Do you need your patient materials managed?

Need help procuring your ancillaries, then distributed in a timely manner?

The medical materials specialist

“I need a digital solution I can trust"
You’re IN CHARGE of a patient program with lots of users – and they need to order materials via digital platforms. But how can you create a seamless, trackable customer experience that’s not a headache?

"I need a digital solution I can trust"
Which means a customised online ordering system with traceable reporting, that tracks delivery of all materials

AND a great team who understands the time-sensitive nature of your program components

And you must be able to trust your agency to ensure the supply chain for these ancillaries are in line with your company's strict ethical sourcing policies.
Yes! This is exactly what I need

We're your go-to gals for creative design, branded merch, storage and fulfilment - all the bits'n'bobs that will make your work life easier).

Now we know a bit about you...'s a little bit about us

Hello! I’m Nicaly – and about 20 years ago, I took my marketing and promotional merch background and started Spark Up. Initially, we were all about brand merch: finding those memorable gift-with-purchase or goodie bag items people oohed and ahhed over. But we also quickly became known for our design and print skills, for pulling epic brand campaigns together – and eventually, for launching SparkUp2Go and offering warehousing and fulfilment.

We absolutely love what we do and we’re lucky to have worked with some great clients, from Philips to Klarna, Ali Group to KFC. It’s always fun, and we’re as committed as ever to making your life easier with great merch, digital inventory and storage solutions. If you’re new around here, meet our friendly team or get in touch.

We have a big-ass warehouse

And we rock a hot-pink hi vis

Yes, our copywriter has a strange sense of humour. She’s also kind of right: we do have a sizeable warehouse, with a collection of very pink safety vests you may be asked to wear, if you ever visit us on-site.

And here’s the thing: if you use our storage and warehousing services, we want you to know that we’re as careful with your goods as we would be with our own. We regularly bump in and out on conferences, handle huge mailouts from whoa to go, and organise delivery of time-sensitive ancillaries for pharma clients. So it’s fair to say we know our stuff when it comes to integrated logistics (and yes, that is the unsexiest keyword phrase in the history of the internet).

sustainable merch - a stainless steel bamboo lunchbox

Corporate merch is our thing

And if it's sustainable, even better

It’s no surprise that these days, lots of companies care far more about the merch they’re ordering: where it comes from, how it was made, whether it’s eco-friendly. We’re asked these questions all the time – and we pride ourselves on being socially responsible, sourcing products ethically and sustainably wherever possible.  

You can always chat to us about your ideas if you’re looking to order merch, or browse our catalogue. We’ve worked on thousands of branded merch campaigns, have trusted suppliers locally and overseas, and we’ll always deliver on time and within your budget.

Design and print

If there’s one thing you want to leave to the professionals, it’s design and print! Here’s how we can help you: creative design and artwork

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klarna branded merch

Branded merch

We love creating beautiful branded merch that your customers will keep forever! Here are just a few of the merch options we can help you

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Inventory management

Our digital inventory management platform, SparkUp2Go, offers the following: custom-designed portals unique to your company / brand complete 24/7 visibility over your inventory so you

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sparkies integrated logistics warehousing

Integrated logistics

Integrated logistics support that covers all the bases and saves you oodles of time isn’t a pipe-dream! Our services cover:  warehousing and fulfilment pick and

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Still on the client thing...

We only work with super nice people. (And they seem to like us, too.)

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